Cs go knife slots

cs go knife slots

the-flying-circus-forum.de In this tutorial I've shown you how to get some free CS: GO knives or skins by playing. When I press 3 i couldn't select my knife, and instead of 3 next to it on the bottom right corner it had s something something, i binded 3 to knife. Yo, so I love cs and shit, but I get really annoyed that Q switches to last I know I can bind it to knife, but then I can't press Q again to go back to primary. turns out it says Unknown command: slot Unknown command: slot. This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may spielautomaten kaufen frankfurt inaccurate or incomplete information. This is an archived post. This is how my autoexe is btw. Global Offensiveonly the knife and the bomb grant no speed reduction. Unlike the other weapons, it cannot be dropped. Knifes Sword Awesome Stuff Factories Weapons Nerdy Gaming Arms Wall Forward. I want to have this knife.



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