Al bundy quotes

al bundy quotes

Greatest Al Bundy quotes. *Now kids, we're not here to attack each other. We're here to attack the baby. *I left high-school, lost the will to live and here I am. 15 Enlightening Al Bundy Quotes On Marriage For The Young Couples. Onedio > Funny- Al Bundy was a happy man 'Til the day hey got. Marcy: But unlike Evolution, I'm not letting you off the hook Al. Now can you tell me what a woman's body has to do with selling beer? Al: All. al bundy quotes Marriage is built on trust, love and honesty Al speaketh, so lustagenten de it be known! FX plays the show during the day and I've started to catch a few episodes. The content of this page was created by users. He's just about to pop and I don't want teeth and eyes all over you.

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Should I be worried? Since I'm not home, I won't have to. Al Bundy Walks Into The Wrong Theater A big red haired mosquito in tight pants was hovering over me sucking money out of my wallet. Joust Williams View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles. But not for me Your meal-ticket is here.


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